27 Feb

Android and IOS Development

We Classify People with Smart Phones into 2 types either an Android User or a iOS User.

The above verdict itself says that we have huge opportunity one who is skilled in either Android or IOS Development.

As we Spendwithme Technologies are doing Training and Development of Application in Android and IOS Platform.

iOS is a mobile operating system which has been made by the Apple-developed only for their own manufactured devices. As these iOS runs only on their own products such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch,Apple Mac Book or Laptop and Apple TV. iOS is best known for its special serving in-built application such as the user can interact to their phones with gestures designed exclusive for iOS device users.

As Android is a Open Source tool and Application hence it is a low cost when compared to iOS .As Android started to penetrate peoples mobile smartphone as even the mobile phone companies to started to move to Android made Mobile from the earlier Java featured mobile as it seems as low as in terms of their amount to be invested in R&D .Application developers those who build earlier application for only iOS have also started to adapt Android also.

So We can Assure the development and Training with the skill of Android and IOS will make sure they can earn in a company with good pay for them if they are very good in it.



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