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19 May

Become a prokid!!

Kids today are growing up in a land of distraction—a noisy, info-cluttered, hyper-mediated world where mental juggling is the norm. Eating on the run, Pushing aside the task to do later, Being adamant, Weak at making right decisions and so on. But, despite this trend, there are things that you can do to encourage focus in your child’s daily routine. Only If a child is trained for a better tomorrow and taught to pay more attention to the real world.

Attention isn’t just one thing. It’s a set of three skills: focus, awareness and executive attention, i.e., planning and decision-making. And it’s teachable, scientists are discovering, by simply talking with your kids about attention and encouraging them to practice. A budding child has a high learning capacity, and in that phase if he pays attention and give little time for learning, It would definitely help him in future. We are here to teach your kid the best practices and discover his interests and guide him achieve his goals. He will have an awareness for his interest and will not get deviated from it.

Today, the employment of an individual is based on  specific needs that must be addressed in order to achieve an objective. It’s  getting tougher and tougher to get placed with the skill sets we possess. So we have decided to train an individual, covering both the functional requirements and soft skills.

We have come up with an idea to train children on business, functional requirements and soft skills because when you were a kid, you had plenty of time to learn things. But when you graduated you realize its time for you to step into the real world searching for a job and you lack the skills they look for.

We cover all the aspects in programming languages, trending as well as basic, and soft skills. So at the end of the training

The basic programming skills include

  • C/C++
  • PHP framework
  • python + framework
  • MySQL
  • DotNet
  • The extra trending course include….
  • Digital Marketing
  • Photoshop
  • Coreldraw
  • illustrator
  • Web Designing
  • Android dynamic

you will learn essential soft skills, which the employers value most, from communication fundamentals and teamwork to advancing critical thinking. We also set up an environment and provide hands on training, So that you get an idea of a work culture, With which you won’t have a fear of attending interviews. You will also handle the big decisions and learn how to incorporate best practices for presentations, including how to use visuals to enhance your storytelling. Also you will Learn how to effectively communicate and build professional relationships through face-to-face, written, and non-verbal communication.

We offer it all in one full course with a duration of 1 year

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