30 Jan


Nowdays there are lakhs and lakhs of Engineers are getting graduated from various university and college.But they are not aware of how a industry will be and what does it needs from the candidates .

We in Spendwithme Technologies provide a real time work environment and software tool and application skills to the young Engineering graduates. Our focus is based on that no once should be put down for not having such a skill that industries are in need of hence we started to provide a Implant Training Experience for our Students to work in a real time running project of our Company which helps in exposure to various thinking.

An Implant training is meant to provide hands-on experience to the students and to assist them in preparing for the career opportunities anywhere in the industrial world. It would add a feather in the cap of the students as they would be able to enter into a new world with prior preparation and know-how of the setup. This would not only help them boost their confidence but also will improve their work efficiency. Web development refers to building, creating, and an maintaining websites. It includes aspects such as web designweb publishing, web programming, and database management. We provide the ideas of reality in Website development by our Excellent Training.

Implant Training Details:

Domain : Web Development

Duration : One Week

Syllabus Covered  in Implant Training:



  • Structure of HTML
  • Basic HTML Tags
  • Advanced HTML Tags
  • Difference between HTML & XHTML
  • XHTML Basic tags
  • Introduction to Doc Types

Cascading Style Sheets

  • Introduction to CSS
  • Types of style sheets
  • Types of CSS Selectors
  • Complete CSS properties
  • Converting Table layout to CSS
  • Custom CSS Layout Design
  • Creating simple and dropdown menus
  • Creating Appealing forms using CSS
  • CSS Tips and Tricks with Hacks


How to Create Website

  • Requirements/Specifications
  • Creating a concept and layout
  • Choosing a Color Scheme
  • Choosing Stock Photography
  • Texture and Typography
  • Design a Professional Layout
  • Conversation of PSD to CSS
  • Implementing JavaScript.



Note: Real Time projects Explained

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