29 Jan

Internship Program in Python

Python – An interpreted, interactive, OOPs and Scripting Language” is an intensive, Hands-on, project based, training program for BE, B Tech, ME, M Tech from the streams of Electronics, Computer Science, Information Technologies, Instrumentation, BCA, MCA. This Internship aims at imparting, ingraining efficient programming and scripting skills useful for automating tasks and ability to convert logic to programs. There are plenty of reasons why you should be planning a career in Python. Python is a high level programming language which has a use in almost all IT companies. The major companies making use of Python include: Google, Yahoo!  NASA, CERN etc…Python is used in countless applications as well as tools. It is also embedded in a lot of software products, used in artificial Intelligence tasks and more importantly, it has been included in the three available languages in the Google App store. This makes Python a highly lucrative career for anyone who has a good knowledge about the subject. We aim to provide a thorough, practical as well as theoretical knowledge to our students so that they can take advantage of the booming IT industry.

Intern Details:

Domain: Python

Duration: 3 – 6 months

Syllabus Covered in Python:

  • Introduction to Python, And interpretable, OOPs programming/scripting language
  • Built-in Functions, Non-essential Built-in Functions
  • Built-in Types, Built-in Exceptions
  • String Services
  • Data Types
  • Numeric and Mathematical Modules
  • File and Directory Access
  • Data Persistence
  • Data Compression and Archiving, File Formats, Cryptographic Services
  • Generic Operating System Services
  • Optional Operating System Services
  • Interprocess Communication and Networking
  • Internet Data Handling
  • Structured Markup Processing Tools
  • Internet Protocols and Support
  • Multimedia Services
  • Internationalization, Program Frameworks
  • Graphical User Interfaces with Tk
  • Development Tools
  • Debugging and Profiling

Note : This is paid internship , certificates provided.

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